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This digital ebook has been carefully written with simple recipes that are easy to make at home for your family or friends including Calming Bath Salts, Cooling Foot Balm, Psoriasis & Eczema ointment and more...

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Johann Callaghan CSSC, ITEC, IFPA, MCMA
Johann Callaghan CSSC, ITEC, IFPA, MCMA

Johann Callaghan is a bestselling Author, Speaker, Sleep Science Coach, Health Coach & Mum. She has appeared many times in the media; radio, podcasts, TV, magazines and newspapers and an award winning entrepreneur. She helps to educate, inspire and empower people to take control of their lives and live a healthy lifestyle with better sleep through online courses, webinars, corporate talks, group coaching programs, seminars and live interviews. Johann is also the host of The Empowering Family Health Podcast.

Johann believes everything is better with better sleep. Johann’s first book ‘How to get a good night’s sleep‘ has been a major success in Ireland and across the world. Available in paperback and audio. After losing her baby daughter, Megan, in 2007 her whole life changed. As part of her healing, Johann found a new holistic way of being and discovered how powerful we actually all are. She discovered the innate healing power we all have to overcome any obstacle with a positive outlook. Johann believes that anybody with the right attitude, knowledge and inspiration, can sleep better and improve their quality of life, success and happiness.

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